POSDCORB Steps and Importance with Example

In Public Administration and Management, POSDCORB broadly uses it as the classical view of Organizational theory. It appeared most conspicuously…

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Difference Between Private and Public Administration

The administration is the act of effective managing affairs of a business-related organization or state. It indicates the finest use…

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Toward Theory of Accountability

The demand and need for accountability in human services are crucial and the time has come to develop a conceptual…

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Difference between Development Administration & Traditional Public Administration

In the concept of development administration and traditional public administration; it has already been said earlier that public administration is…

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A Brief Account of Accountability

The development of scientific management, effectiveness, and efficiency in the private sector can be dated to the early twentieth century…

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Reciprocal Accountability Theory: Great Formula (3 Elements)

In Nov 1979, Michael Borrero, Pricilla Martina, and Gretchen Bubelman Borrero published a book named “Toward A Theory of Accountability.”…

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Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries

The economies of Africa, Asia, South America, and Pacific regions are often referred to as the developing countries or as…

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Development Administration – 5Is, 4Ps, Model & Subsystems

As an occupational field, public administration is common to all nations, whatever their system of government. Whether monarchical totalitarian, socialist,…

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