Value Chain Analysis in Strategic Management

For analyzing a company situation, value chain analysis system is one of the most important Strategic Management Models. Value chain…

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Thompson and Strickland Strategic Management Model

Michael Porter had major drawbacks of his Porter’s Five Forces Model. To solve the situation, Thompson and Strickland introduce another…

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Strategic Management Model with Examples

For stakeholders of; there is written another article base on the strategic management model with examples. If anyone can…

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Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition Analysis

Managers in a firm/company can use various models for analyzing the industry environment. However, the most widely used model for…

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Types of Organizational Environment

At first, we can try to understand the organizational environment before the discussion about the types of organizational environment. Organizational…

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Competitive Advantage Strategies in Business

Competitive advantage is the exceptional edge that allows an organization or business company to deal with the marketplace and environmental…

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Difference Between Management and Administration

This article will discuss the difference between management and administration. First of all, we say that management is the skill…

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Strategic Management – Developing Vision Statements

The managers, employees and other stakeholders of an organization might be interested to understand where the organization is going and…

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