Strategic Management Mission Statement

As indicated earlier, a vision indicates an organization’s future course – where it wants to reach. A mission is derived…

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Difference between Bureaucratic and Participatory Management

Before going to the difference between bureaucratic and participatory management in administration in developing countries, we should have an idea…

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Development Factors – Affect Directly in Development Place

After much research, examination, and idea generation; are established the development factors. The development factors are created by the global…

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Strategic Management Process 6 Steps

Strategic management is construed in the context of a process. Strategic management process 6 steps is an identifiable flow of…

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Types of Strategies in Strategic Management

In this article, we will discuss the types of strategies in strategic management. There are also tried to give some…

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Strategic Management Concept & Fundamental

We’re back to you with another article about the strategic management concept. This article will discuss the strategic management concepts…

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Public Corporation Form of Public Enterprise

The public corporation form of management of the public enterprise. It has most widely used in England and the commonwealth…

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Public Enterprise Roles in National Development

Underdeveloped countries especially show greater interest in using public enterprise roles as one of the prime movers of national development.…

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