Strategic Management Prelude, with Reasons & Advantages

There are described the strategic management prelude to the starting in-depth discussion. Next time, we’ll come with a more valuable…

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Public Enterprise Forms in Management (4 Arrogant Forms)

Regarding the management of the public enterprise forms, no question arises in a socialist economy. The problem arises mainly in…

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New Public Management (NPM): 10 Important Principles & Others

New Public Management is a full extension of NPM. New Public Management or NPM is an approach to running public…

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Non-NPM Reforms in Developing Countries

We’re back with another new article. This article is written on non-NPM reform. Non-NPM reforms in developing countries are one…

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Strategic Management Overview

Strategic management didn’t recognize as a discipline of value even two decades ago. Now, literature abounds on the importance of…

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