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Here at, we always try to share and include the article, research, essay, assignment, slideshow, or presentations from the real teachers and educated professionals. This platform escalates your voice to our millions of visitors, subscribers, followers, and beneficiaries.

We are looking for excellent writers from the relevant educated community to contribute positive, re-searchable, actionable, quality guest posts to Please, read the following guidelines before writing for us or submitting the guest post.

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Guest Post Guidelines Write for Us

What Should You Write About?

This is an educational community. So, we preferred writing which is educationally based or academic base which is writing from which a reader can learn something. Our main target audiences are students of the university, college, and school. Furthermore, those people who are beneficiaries of this discussion. At this moment, we’re working with public administration, governance, management, business, etc. So, you have to maintain these topics if you want to submit your content to us. Glad to hear that we’re going to expand this capacity very soon. For now, you have to keep the same thing as mentioned.

What Should Be Done?

For everyone to be aware of the progress, you are allowed to do the following things. Such as:-

  • You can choose any topic.
  • For publishing discussion, you can re-discuss or enrich or newly developed analysis.
  • You can submit more than one content simultaneously.
  • You can create a do-follow backlink (One backlink for one submission).
  • Besides the article, you can submit an essay, research, journal, assignment, video, infographics, slideshow, or presentation.

What Should Not Be Done?

It would help if you ignored some prohibited things; otherwise, your submission never accepts. Such as:-

  • We accept only English Language. So, another language is not allowed.
  • Irrelevant writing is completely prohibited. See the previous articles or sections (what should be done?) to be cleared.
  • Hard to read, unreadable, non-actionable, false, illogical, copied, published, illegible, pirated, and stolen discussions are not accepted.
  • You have to stop your or another advertisement or promotion in the content. Or, you can’t review any product, items, files, and established or non-established site, company, or organization.
  • If we find such things that have or have chanced to break or disrespect any national and international law, political ideology, religious belief, social norms and values, individual insulting and bullying, harmful to generation, group, ethic, etc. Yet, your article will be denied by us.

Why Write for Us?

You can ask why you write to us. In reply, we will smile and tell you why you won’t write to us. Because:-

  • According to analytics, more than 450K visitors and 270K unique visitors come to this site per month.
  • Our site is approved by Google News.
  • Within minutes of an article being published on our site, it is indexed on all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. without any hassle.
  • On different social sites, we have almost one million followers, subscribers, and members.
  • We share each content of this site on all social sites.
  • Here, you can create a do-follow and juicy backlink through a content submission.
  • Here, you have a great opportunity to spread your writing or skills to our international visitors, followers, subscribers, members, and clients.
  • Besides, if you’re an excellent writer and show us, you have chanced to be a permanent content writer for us with a handsome budget, salary, and incentive.
  • And so many facilities.

Cautions for Guest Post:

  1. Your Content is Your Responsibility: In the future, after your article is approved or published, if we find anything in your article that goes against the social, religious, national, international, or any policy stated on our website, we reserve the right to remove that article or link with or without informing you and we will not be obliged to compensate you for that.
  2. Max. External Links – We only allow one external link to an article. This is what we highly recommend. However, if you want to provide more than one external link in an article, you have to pay 50% extra for each additional link. We do not allow more than three external links in an article despite your pay.
  3. Pay the Deal within the Stipulated Time: Pay within two business days as per the agreement or give us a reasonable reason beforehand. Otherwise, the link provided by you will be removed from the article. However, there is no reason to worry, after paying the link will be re-attached to the article.

How to Prepare an Article for Us?

When you submit your content to us, you must be ensured some specific guidelines. Otherwise, we have to reject your submission of what you never want to do. However, check the following guidelines.

  • We accept such an article that is more than 1,000 words in length.
  • Write your article in a Writer or Word Document (.doc or .docx file) format.
  • Create an attractive title for your article.
  • Arrange the headers and sub-headers properly.
  • Use the default Hyperlink option for Internal and External Links, or Anchor Text.
  • Write a summary within 100-160 characters of the article in a different notepad or .txt file.
  • Include 1-3 high-resolution copyright-free or royalty-free images or attached Shutterstock image links in a different file or folder.
  • These files, documents, and folders keep a single folder and make it into a .zip file.
  • Send your .zip file through Contact Page.


  • Payoneer (Request or Make a Payment), and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • Hire to Pay- Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork.
  • bKash, and Rocket (only for BD)
  • Any Debit Card, Credit Card, VISA Card, Bank Wire, PayPal, or anything else on behalf of Payoneer (if your country supports it).