Privacy and Policy

Our official Higher Study website is an online base higher studies related platform and largest one in the planet. When you visits our Higher Study website, we will be kept safe and secure of your personal information respectfully. You can visit our site without providing any personal information also. Yet, if you want to publish any article, assignment, presentation, slide, journal, or major option, you must be registered in our site. For registering, we’ll collect your some information. And if you provide information without this reason, we will store also. These information never disclose to third party until the obligation is raised. But, collected information are used to administrative objective, internal planning, developing website content quality etc. instead of business related purpose.

  • Higher Study requests to avoid the confidential information sharing as like secure password, credit card number, important financial data etc. In this situation, Higher Study is not taken any responsibility for misusing of your information.
  • Sometimes we include other website links. When you use such links, you have to maintain or follow their own terms and conditions which may be completely different from us. And we can’t provide you any guarantee about those.
  • Without any notifications, Higher Study can amend any privacy and policy in any time. Or through this website users can be informed. If any information are collected after amendment the privacy and policy, it must be applied.

We always try to provide you the better service and solution from our place and ability. So, you should ensure the respect to the Higher Study Privacy and Police for arising any disorder situation in this site as well as you and us.

However, if you are required any more information or have any asks or questions about our privacy and policy or informed valuable suggestion, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected]

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