10 Characteristics of a Great International School

Your Child is Enrolled in a Great International School if it Has These 10 Characteristics

Not all international schools are stellar. Some are more outstanding and excellent than the rest. But do you know how to tell the difference? It’s not enough that you know a thing or two about Thailand’s education system. You should know specific qualities to look for. This reachable article will give you a helping hand so you do just that. We will enlist ten characteristics that all top international schools have. You should check if your international school of choice has all. A top international school should have all the characteristics that we will enlist.

How sure are you that you chose the best international school for your child?


10 Characteristics of Excellent International Schools

There are given 10 characteristics of a great international school so that you can choose the right school for your children. Such as-

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10 Characteristics of a Great International School

01. World-class Academic Excellence

A top international school is always geared towards providing premium education to all its students. This is made possible by offering curricula that are not normally offered locally. Through international schools, students in Thailand get to experience the exact educational structure – from lessons to activities – of students abroad. Through an international school education, your child need not move to the UK to experience British education. Top international schools offer the following curricula:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme
  • The American National Curriculum
  • The British National Curriculum
  • Edexcel

An excellent curriculum ensures that students become effective communicators, thinkers, inquirers, and well-balanced individuals.

02. Individualized Learning

Top international schools take time to study how your child processes information. International schools that truly excel see the difference in each student. They are fully aware that not all students learn and understand concepts at the same pace. This is the very thing that allows them to fully train and instruct students in the best way possible.

03. Advanced Educational Facilities

International schools go all out in ensuring that the best possible instruction and tools for learning are available for all students. This is why top international schools are always equipped with advanced facilities that can deploy the latest scientifically proven and backed learning techniques. Students of top international schools enjoy the safest and most learning-conducive atmosphere.

04. Stellar Faculty

Excellent international schools also have world-class teachers, instructors, staff, and administrators. Faculty members of international schools are experts in the chosen field with mastery in instructing children from different cultures. They have years of training in teaching and evaluating individual and collective student learning. In international schools, your child will have native speakers as teachers in elective languages. This will make it possible for your child to be fluent and eloquent not just in the English language but in other languages as well like French, German, and Spanish.

05. Outstanding Reputation

Top international schools are well-known in the community. They need no marketing ploys or grand advertisements to attract students. Everyone in the community knows that they’re excellent because their history and roster of alumni speak for themselves. Top international schools effortlessly have the trust and admiration of people. It’s very easy to know if an international school is excellent. All you have to do is mention its name and people will effortlessly say good things about it. If no good thing is mentioned, then consider that as a sign that you should check out other international schools.

06. Holistic Programmes

A top international school is not solely dedicated to academic excellence. International schools that excel know that the best way to train students to become well-balanced individuals is through the provision of different extra-curricular activities. Top international schools have activities for sports, performing arts, and scientific research that matches the needs and interests of their students.

07. Solid Support Systems

Students enrolled in international schools grow up confident and successful because they have dedicated support systems. This is one of the main benefits that graduates of top international schools enjoy that graduates of regular international schools don’t get to experience. Top international schools have engaged and empathetic guidance counselors that help students navigate the challenges of growing up. Students of top international schools are given all the tools to get to know themselves more. They also have access to experts that can easily help them in the maintenance of their emotional health.

08. Community Involvement

An international school that excels greatly is highly active in its local community. It goes out of its way to provide services and training to members of the community that are in need. Students of top international schools always willingly volunteer in socio-civic activities that help others.

09. Global Networking

An international school is stellar if it gives its students access to different academic institutions all over the world. An outstanding international school has regular exchange student programs. It also regularly sends students to international conventions and competitions. Through this, students of top international schools get to have a global perspective on every single thing. They get to easily assimilate themselves in the international arena as they know that their school has their back.

10. Local Partners

Top international schools do not neglect the importance of partnering with local institutions and businesses. They created bonds and partnerships with private and public bodies that can further train their students. Through this, students get a full view of how local communities thrive economically, socially, and environmentally. Top international schools can easily send their students to intern in local research centers and businesses. An outstanding international school is well-respected among local stakeholders in the community.


Finally, parents should take into account several factors before making this important decision, like proximity, tuition fees, accreditation status, etc. It is also essential that you visit the campus yourself so you get firsthand experience & information regarding the curriculum followed there along with understanding its overall atmosphere better! Ultimately though, only after careful consideration must one decide whether this particular institution fits best into your child’s needs & goals!

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