6 Tools to Make Essay Writing Easier

6 Tools to Take Your Facilitate Essay Writing

When it comes to writing essays, you may think that it is one of the easiest tasks that a student can do. You might think it is just about writing down your thoughts with a few technicalities like grammar and punctuation, but do you realize how important essay writing truly is.

The Importance of Essay Writing in a Student’s Life

Essays can shape your future in many ways. Universities often use them to assess your capability for a certain degree course or even your ability to succeed in the professional world. So it is very important to follow some steps to create a quality essay.

We’re not only talking about long-term benefits here because essay writing also has short-term effects on students. Apart from enhancing literacy skills and improving imagination, it can help students build confidence in themselves and develop their analytical skills.

In education life, writing an essay plays a vital role because it helps students learn new things and gather information about different topics.

There are many types of essays, such as narrative essays, descriptive essays, and argumentative essays. The case study cannot be left out of the essay. However, before making a case study, analysis is required. It is important to know the crafting of a winning case study analysis. Still, all these types of essays have a common purpose: to tell the reader about a particular topic or subject.

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6 Tools to Make Essay Writing Easier

Six Online Tools that Make Essay Writing Easier

Composing essays and research papers can be a tough task for most students. Apart from dealing with the pressure of writing papers, students also have to cope with the stress that comes with balancing their essay writing assignments and their hectic schedules.

If you’re struggling to write your essays, there are plenty of online tools that can help you out. These tools will not only make your essay writing easier but will also help you produce better work. Check out these six tools that will make your essay writing easier.


Time4Writing is an online tool that addresses the writing problems most students face. Its eight-week courses cover different aspects of writing, starting from the basics and moving on to more complex things like sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, paragraph development, etc.

The courses also cover different types of writing, such as descriptive essays, narrative papers, and persuasive essays, among others. The web page also has a blog section where students can read about new writing trends and sample papers that students can use for reference when composing their essays.

Word Counter tool

When you’re working on an essay, you’ll often find yourself stuck trying to get the word count down or up to a specific number. You might need to add more words for an assignment or be asked to keep it brief and under a certain limit.

The best way to approach this is by using a word counter tool. Such a tool can count characters, words, and paragraphs in real-time as you write or edit your text. You can also use them to ensure that your essay stays within the word count limitations set by your teacher or professor.

This useful tool can also be used to keep track of the number of characters in your paragraph. Such tools come with additional features such as grammar and text style selector. You can use these to ensure that your essay doesn’t contain any errors or mistakes. Among these tools, Grammarly is gaining more and more popularity these days.

Online Notepad

Research is an important part of essay writing. You have to find relevant details, facts, statistics, and more. You need to jot down ideas as you research so that you can use them to create an outline. These important points can help you in creating the first draft.

An online notepad is an ideal tool to note all your important findings. You just have to visit the tool online and start typing what you find perfect for your essay. Such tools come with a variety of features such as text styling, bullets, numbers, a rich text editor, and a grammar checker.

You can create basic notes using an online notepad and use them for writing a flawless essay based on well-researched findings. You can easily download the file on your computer and share it with your friends who might be working on a similar essay writing project.

Online Thesis Builder

Writing an essay can be daunting if one is not well prepared. However, it is not the case anymore with the advancement of technology. Nowadays, there are so many online tools that can help students write essays and other types of academic papers.

One such tool is the Online Thesis builder, which has been created to help students at different levels find a topic, write a good thesis statement, and create an outline.

What is a thesis statement?

It is simply a sentence that explains what you want to prove in your essay or any other academic paper.

In high school and college, most students must write argumentative essays that are supposed to have a thesis statement. This section of an essay should explain whether you agree or disagree with a topic and why. A strong thesis statement should give your readers an idea of your stance on the topic you are writing about and why you took it.

Why use an online thesis builder tool?

As aforementioned, writing argumentative essays can be challenging especially if one does not have adequate information on how a thesis statement should be written. An online Thesis builder tool has been developed to help such students come up with impressive thesis statements for their argumentative essays.

Now if the question is, what tips to make an efficient assignment can be found here. The answer is simple, yes it can be found.

Hemingway Editor

When you’re writing something as important as a college application essay, you want to make sure it’s as good as possible. That’s where the Hemingway Editor comes in.

Hemingway Editor is a brilliant tool to use when you want to avoid wordiness in your essays. It will help you to recognize complicated, wordy sentences and give you hints on how to rewrite the sentences into shorter, clearer ones. This tool is particularly useful for students writing essays, as it will help them become more concise.

It helps you to produce simpler and clearer text by grading your use of passive voice and adverbs, too many complex words, and other factors that could distract from your message.

Here are some of the things that the Hemingway Editor checks for:

  • Adverbs: The editor will highlight any adverbs in red so that you can replace them with stronger verbs.
  • Long sentences: Sentences that are more than 20 words long will show up in yellow, and sentences more than 25 words will be highlighted in red.
  • Passive voice: Passive voice shows up in blue so that you can fix it to active voice.
  • Complex phrases: Words or phrases that can be simplified with simpler words will appear in green so they can be replaced with simpler alternatives.

Last Words

From the above discussion, you have surely been able to realize that using some tools can make your essay writing easier.

After all this, there is another question, is your essay writing different from others or unique, or free from plagiarism? There are students who fail to distinguish between paraphrasing and plagiarism. However, you can take the help of the top-recommended plagiarism checkers to check if your article is plagiarism-free.

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