Can I Use the NECO Result to Study Abroad?

You might have been confused about your NECO results and have a question in mind, Can I use NECO results to study abroad? Then here we will tell you all the facts related to NECO and all educational qualifications that will help you to get access to foreign education. Let’s discuss all of it.

NECO is one of the most popular and trusted education test-prep websites. We will elaborate on the whole thing today.

What Is NECO?

NECO is a national and international exam system in Nigeria that allows you to perform on national and international levels. You can show your scores to any higher education organization to prove yourself.

NECO is a global test-scoring service that scores students according to their test performance in different areas. They score subjects like English, math, and general knowledge in each subject, with a maximum score of 10.

The total number of marks in the whole score is added together to give a single mark value in each subject. Students who wish to take the NECO test need to fill out a form, which they can access on their school website.

Can NECO be Used to Study Abroad?

NECO covers both national and international education scores, so there is the scope that you can apply abroad, but there are limitations too. If you have a NECO score then you can apply to foreign universities and there you will be able to take admitted.

There are many reasons why students intend to go abroad and study there. In today’s world, people are moving to cities and towns to have better jobs and earn a living. Some want to have a different lifestyle or travel around the world to see what is beyond the horizon. There is no doubt that NECO is one of the best sources that help you to know about education and you can get all the details about the importance of education that you require to study abroad or in America.

Students like to study at an international university because it provides them with a wider choice of studies and more chances to learn about other cultures. It also makes them more open to new ideas and changes.

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Lists of Universities that Accept NECO Results Abroad

There are a lot of universities that accept NECO results for foreign admission. Here we have compiled a shortlist and you will also get more information from online sources. Be sure you can get admission to foreign top universities in the world and with NECO you can do that.

  • University of Nigeria NSUKKA
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • University of Ibadan
  • University Uyo
  • University of Abuja

To get admission to a foreign university, you should try taking the NECO examination. It can be taken at home or online. Before taking the exam, you should make sure you have better health and mental condition.

If you come up with any allergies, you should inform the test center staff about it. Some tests are harder than others, and you might not know which test you will be taking until you get to the center.

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Can I Use the NECO Result to Study Abroad

Which Countries Accept NECO Results?

First, we should be clear about the NECO score acceptance. In several countries, you will get universities that accept your result. In those countries, there are the USA, UK, Canada, Ghana, Cameroon, Poland, Turkey, Germany, and some other countries. So, you can try universities there to get admission.

Some universities are interested in your NECO results. You will also get scholarships and financial aid from them too. However, before applying, you should be aware of your acceptance process. You have to keep regular communication with them.

In order to be considered for scholarships and financial aid, you should make sure that your GPA is above 3.0 and your NECO score is greater than or equal to 1,300 points.

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Can I Combine WAEC and NECO to Study Abroad?

Both the WAEC and NECO scores are accepted in Nigeria. You can use them to take admission abroad. But you cannot combine the score here. You have to either use NECO or WAEC for your admission; if you try combined you will not get a response from universities.

It is true that both the WAEC and NECO scores are accepted for admission into many universities in Nigeria. You can use them to take admission to some international universities too. However, you must be very careful when you are trying to use these scores in combination, in fact, that will not work at all.

If you use both of the scores together, you will not get any response from universities, they look for a single score. For instance, if you use the NECO score for one institution and the WAEC score for another institution, you will not get the same response from both of these institutions.

What Is the WAEC Score?

WAEC is a similar score to NECO in Nigeria that will give you grading from 1 to 9. You can use this score to take admission within Nigeria or outside of other countries. It has a similar valuation to NECO Score but you cannot combine the score to get admission.

You can also use the online resources to get information about WAEC and then proceed on to learn about it. The best way to score well is to prepare well, read books, and watch TV to learn the basics of the subjects. You will also get more info online.

You can also go to other countries to take the exams. In addition, you should consider taking the examinations. This way you will improve your grades.

Can WAEC be Used to Study Abroad

If we technically analyze the issues of WAEC results, Yes you can study abroad with it. You can present your WAEC score to apply to a foreign university. But you should have a high enough score to apply. Some people make the mistake of combining WAEC and NECO scores to take admission, which is not acceptable in reality.

It is not easy to study abroad in Nigeria from external countries, as they require NECO Scores from others. However, it is possible to study abroad with the results of your WAEC. You may want to try studying abroad because you want to improve your education and learn new things.

Some people who study abroad become successful professionals. It is also important to study abroad so that you can make good choices in the future.

Disadvantages of NECO

There are a few disadvantages of NECO; it has less valuation than WAEC scores. Also, you cannot take admitted to all the universities with NECO scores, but with WAEC you can get a better response. Also, NECO scores get selected by some universities and countries, so applying to all universities is not a solution.

A NECO score is considered to be similar to a WAEC score in some cases. A NECO score will give you a better response compared to a score. Another advantage of a NECO score is that you can choose between lots of Universities. A WAEC score will only give you admission to two or three universities.

Final Words

We have discussed the topic, Can I use NECO results to study abroad? Here we have shared all the information and related facts of NECO, now you have all the resources that will help you to take the necessary attempts for your foreign admission. Hope all this information will fulfill your need and you find that helpful.

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