Types of Marketing Agencies – Best 15 Advertising Agencies

Sometimes, many people confuse about choosing the best one from the different types of marketing agencies. It happens when they want to decide to outsource their marketing. There are so many marketing agencies to offer different types of services.

This article provides a short explanation about the summary of the different types of marketing agencies to help those who want to know about it. Besides, there are also described what a marketing agency is, how do marketing agencies work, and marketing agency Exeter. So, a people can choose the right one according to his needs.

Each agency specializes in a particular age, but all agencies work almost the same and combine. In addition, the agencies categorize in size, specialists, and so many factors. However, all things bring in one-by-one.

What Is A Marketing Agency?

Before going to the marketing agency definition, we should understand what is marketing and what is agency. Because these two terms are most important in this topic.

  • MARKETING: Marketing is an organization of product selling. Here decides product’s price, marketplace, supplying process, how it should promote, etc.
  • AGENCY: Agency is the business that provides different types of services on behalf of other institutions, organizations, businesses, etc.

Marketing Agency Definitions:

If we want to give the marketing agency definition, we say that it is a service provider agency that measures concerning the marketing mix like the product, communication, price, sales, and so on. Usually, these types of marketing agencies assist other companies with the design, planning, execution, etc. Besides, it is also called a marketing firm, marketing company, or marketing organization.

Marketing agency helps clients to manage and implement marketing strategies for achieving their business goals. It monitors marketing efforts and uses data to develop the campaign results.

Most of the time, it considers by the advertising agencies. It focuses entirely on communicative campaign points, such as online advertising, ads, TV spots, and so on. Some advertising agencies have narrowed it down to make it more effective. They are just spreading it in digital communication.

Types of Marketing Agencies:

The main topic of our discussion was different types of marketing agencies. Here we will give a clear idea about them and try to point out the advantages and disadvantages of it. At a glance, we see the different types of marketing agencies. Such as-

  • Integrated Marketing Agency
  • Specialist Marketing Agency
  • In-house Marketing Agency
  • Global Marketing Consultancy
  • Boutique Marketing Consultancy
  • Individual Marketing Consultant
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Types of Marketing Agencies – Top 15 Agencies Explained

1. Integrated Marketing Agency:

The integrated marketing agency is a specialized agency. Here they provide several digital services and can bring out the results on a holistic strategy. As a result, it ensures the advantages of the key strengths of different ways or channels.

An integrated marketing agency has perceptible skill sets that can generate better and, typically, more efficient results for their clients. Because of its talent and production model, it firmly focuses on solutions instead of service delivery.

For example, an integrated marketing agency can help a brand launch an effective PPC. Through which the brand can easily generate leads and properly nurture their email campaigns. Making this strategy more dynamic may require proper guidance from an account manager and an expert.

There are some signs by which a people can ensure about the integrated marketing agency. Such as-

  • This approach sustains financially against their interests rather than clients.
  • This agency helps balance the various tasks and sort the required portfolio, works, and certificates.
  • The amount of time spent on different skills, marketing companies should be the same or individually significant.
  • The main functionality among the multiple disciplines within the agency is fair.


  • Innovation
  • Expertise
  • Agility
  • Outside perspective


  • Barriers
  • Different priorities
  • Lack brand knowledge
  • Order taker

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2. Specialist Marketing Agencies

In expanding marketing, few companies try to acquire the maximum expertise in the marketing discipline. For this reason, they keep available the email automation, mobile, phone, social media, digital marketing, creative, public relations, search engine optimization, outreach, marketing analytics, etc. experts in their companies. That is why the demand for a specialist marketing agency is so high.

When a person works in this agency, he is accessing a particular set of services. These services aren’t often existed in general marketing agencies and communication groups. It helps to manage and implement the applied strategies to attain the set goals.

Again, based on the scope of work, specialist marketing agencies can be divided into three more categories. Such as-

  • INDEPENDENT AGENCY: Independent agency provides their services in a limited range, for example, media buying.
  • INTERNET AGENCY: Internet agency offers their services on a specific media, for example, internet advertising.
  • BUSINESS AGENCY: Business agency focuses their service on a narrow market sector to get more benefits, for example, business to business advertising.


  • Return on investment
  • Access specialist services
  • Via experts
  • Free up your time (your team’s time)
  • Receive an additional perspective
  • Receive additional perks


  • Barriers
  • Different priorities
  • Lack of brand knowledge
  • Multiple relationships

3. In-house Marketing Agency

The in-house marketing agency is similar to a full-service marketing agency. The full-service marketing agency is one of two types of marketing agencies. The other is a specialized agency. It is an internal group of a brand that focuses on the marketing and advertising of its service and products. These agencies have Art Directors, Creative Directors, Copywriters, etc. in their teams. However, including in-house agencies, employees are brought together to work exclusively for a client.

An in-house marketing agency is responsible for advertising and marketing tasks of all types of brands, including advertising campaigns, account management, asset creation, brand management, brand consistency, brand messaging, brand storytelling, community management, content marketing, digital platform, direct conversion, social media marketing, etc.

Different parts of their work can be seen to exist in most of the groups. They tend to be part of a cross-functional team or liaison with other departments as needed.

Content Factory by Coca-Cola, Yellow Fan Studios, Yellow Tag Productions by Best Buy, or BBC Creative by BBC is most popular as an in-house marketing agency.


  • Exclusive for clients
  • Efficient team members
  • Excellent alignment
  • Brand understanding
  • More employee benefits


  • Lack of variation
  • Tunnel vision
  • Inexperienced professionally
  • More expensive

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4. Global Marketing Consultancy

Forrest’s research has come out that 73% of marketers are interested in digital marketing work. To enrich the brand, they are seen to take different steps at different times. People, products, prices, promotion, place, packaging, positioning, physical evidence, local teams, and understanding are essential to make a brand globally.

To making successful of a global marketing consultancy, experts use the 10 principles. These principles play a vital role in this sector. These ten principles aren’t fixed but most of the experts accept. Such as-

  1. Understanding customer behavior in a different world
  2. Changing the needs to find out the new market
  3. Choosing a premium or economy pricing strategy
  4. Determining perfect strategies to suit the new environment
  5. For customer using, finding the comfortable sales avenue
  6. Finding the right look to reduce the bad result
  7. Considering which messages will completely resonate with the market
  8. Getting the ambiance and mood right
  9. Don’t overlook them, rather assume locally
  10. Making a positive influence on the new community

IBM, Deloitte, PWC, Accenture, Nike, Coke, KFC, Yellow Pages, Cadillac, etc. are the best example of global marketing consultancy.


  • Best positioning
  • Big picture thinking with smart execution


  • Undervalue creative talent
  • Expensive process
  • Disconnected

5. Boutique Marketing Consultancy

A boutique marketing agency is one kind of specialized marketing organization or institution by which firmly operates a small group of professionals. It formulates a unique marketing strategy for clients and supplies the benefits than competitors. Although they provide services by acquiring skills like other large companies, they have a unique approach. As a result, they become more reliable. But they are not so well known. Although they are not as well-known as other agencies, their quality and experience are enviable.

The boutique is a term that carries the identity of a small shop or business. It is also compared to a consulting firm. There is an advisor here. For example, if a client is looking for a consulting firm for his business, boutique agencies come forward. They are then relatively cheap, few, and able to offer constructive advice on a particular subject. And these are very effective and valuable in business.

C42D, AtticSalt Branding, LESS+MORE, BS LLC, Trust Deep Agency, Catchword, Zinzin, WANT Branding, Igor Naming Agency, River + Wolf, NameStormers, Tanj, TUNGSTEN, Global Brand Works, The Naming Group, Pollywog, FINIEN, GreyBox Creative, Niftic Agency, Wonsupona, Marquis, Theory SF, Spectacle Strategy, WRK Partners, Levie Branding, etc. are the well-known boutique marketing Consultancies.


  • Data Focused
  • Nimble
  • Direct guidance
  • Flexible


  • Minimal resources
  • Specific disciplines
  • Internal team resistance

6. Individual Marketing Consultant

When an organization wants to enrich their marketing a little more or needs a quick improvement then they come forward to hire individual marketing consultants.

A marketing consultant is an external consultant who works on a short-term contract basis with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. The basis of this agreement can be a fixed budget or hourly budget.

These consultants come up with a convincing idea of the marketing plan for the client, and how these plans will work in the market. For that, the consultant has to do an audit of the client’s business. At the same time, market research, data mining, and other strategies are applied, making accurate calculations.

The question is when to hire these individual marketing consultants. Let’s make a point out about that.

  • Lacking specialized skills and experts
  • If a business needs to create an external perspective to overcome internal challenges.
  • Bringing in a new perspective on customers
  • Examining a unique marketing strategy
  • If a business needs to focus on product development and overall activities

According to various market analysts through various surveys, it is very important to have skills like online marketing, nonprofit marketing, social media marketing, public relations, print or TV advertising, direct response marketing, etc. to be a good individual marketing consultant. The application of the individual marketing consultant is creasing day by day in different businesses and organizations. So, any youth people can build up their career in this sector.


  • Target specific customers
  • Create better relationships
  • Create marketing that people enjoy
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Increased engagement


  • Required update technology
  • Completed resources necessary
  • Needed proper audiences

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Other Types of Marketing Agencies Explained:

In the meantime, we have learned the details of the top 6 types of marketing agencies. In addition to these, there are a number of other marketing agencies, which are outlined below.

  1. ADVERTISING: It creates, produces, and develops advertising campaigns across outdoor, print, radio, and TV. Some will also book advertising space as well.
  2. BRAND: It focuses on promoting brand identities like positioning, name, company, visual identity, etc. It is mostly used when a business is starting up or re-branding in the marketplace.
  3. DESIGN: This type of agency provides graphic design services to the clients, for example, logo, print items, illustrations, etc. Al-Imran Akanda is a well-known graphic designer.
  4. DIGITAL/ONLINE MARKETING: Here, agencies focus on generating the number of visitors to the client’s website or optimizing the search engine and related more things.
  5. MARKET RESEARCH: Through analyzing the competitor’s business, creates a report and giving promotional advice to the client.
  6. MEDIA: These agencies are mostly attracted to incarnated companies. Here clients buy and plan the advertising space.
  7. PRINT: A company comes to these agencies to promote their business or advertise for recruiting personnel.
  8. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Public relations agencies work to improve the relationship between the company and customers. It works as a bridge of communication.
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA: At this moment, it is the popular agency to boost any kind of business, institution, organization, etc. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and so on.
  10. WEB DESIGN: These agencies design, develop, build up, and host the websites of the different companies.


Finally, we can say that a marketing consultant or agency works as an umbrella over all types of services. The different types of marketing agencies create easy to get services. As the days go by, their activities are getting better and more effective.

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