Difference Between Management and Administration (Table & Points Out)

This article will discuss the difference between management and administration. First of all, the simply say that management is the skill of accomplishing the work done by others. It does not accurately the same as administration. Rather than, it indicates a process of administering in the organization. Administration vs management, it is a significant point. Because management walks under the administration. Although making the difference between administration and management is so tough, we try to differ that they are not the same topic completely. Let’s start our discussion about the Management vs Administration.

Difference between Management and Administration:

Comparisons Administration Management
Sense A process that organizes by a group. A process that organizes by others.
Authorization Higher-level Lower and Mid-level
Regarded with Making Policy Policy utilization
Function Conclusive Governing
Operational Zone Fully controlled over the activities Working out under the administration
Settles Explained when and what does it Explained how and who does it.
Relevant Service-oriented institution Profit-oriented organizations
Personality Administrator Manager
Capacity Determinative and Parliamentary Ruling and Executive
Concentration Ensured perfect shared from existing resources Work management
Enacts Profits by increasing investment are the owner’s motive. Payment is the main motive of employees.
Table: Difference between Administration and Management

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Difference Between Administration and Management

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What is Management?

Management is an act of managing people. Their work is to achieve a common goal by using the resources. For better workflow needs a suitable environment.  It creates that’s the opportunity. As a result, subordinates and his manager do the work together for reaching the objective. Management is a group of people. They use their talent and skills to complete the organizational task. So, we can say that it consists of the following features. Such as:-

  1. Functional initiative
  2. Activity
  3. Documental discipline,
  4. Systematic process,
  5. And much more.

Management performs organizing, planning, coordination, motivating, controlling, decision making, and leading. It contains the 5M’s features of the organization. It is also called the 5M’s Model of management. There are mentioned the 5M’s full form. Such as:-

  • 1st M = Men (Peoples)
  • 2nd M = Machines (Tools or equipments)
  • 3th M = Medium or Measurementals (Inspection & environment)
  • 4th M = Mission (Purpose)
  • 5th M = Management (Leadership)

It is a result-oriented action, which focuses on attaining the wanted output. Someone includes three extra, additionally. So, it may also call 8M’s Model. Such as Material, Method or Mother nature, and Maintenance.
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What is Administration?

A systematic process of administering is the administration. If we have to give an example, we can give a huge amount of examples. Such as- management of a business organization, an educational institution for example school, college, university, government office, or any non-profit making organization. POSDCORB is the main function of administration. It was given by Luther Gulick. Besides these, there are more functions. For example:-

  • Formation of policies, plans, and procedures
  • Setting up of objectives and goals
  • Implementing rules and regulations, etc.

Within the management of the organization functions, the administration lays down the fundamental framework of an organization.

Bureaucratic is an administrative nature. We can explain it another way. Such as administration is a top-level authorized. It may be an owner, partner, and something else. However, they want to return their investment through profits.

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Administration vs Management:

There are mentioned some points about the differences between management and administration. These points are not new things. It is just more explanation about what included in the table (above). After reading this, you can understand or be clear about the administration vs management. Such as:

  1. Meaning: Although administration and management are both processes, they are different in sense. Administration deal with a group of people. On the other hand, Management dealt with simply people.
  2. Authority: If you discuss with “management vs administration”, you have to understand the hierarchy. Wherein administration belongs to a higher level, as well as management, belongs to low and middle levels.
  3. Attention: After formulating a suitable policy, that has to implement. These important works lead by respectively administration and management.
  4. Operation: All works of administration is controlled. Additionally, management does it under the administration.
  5. Personality: Administrator plays a vital roll in administering. On the other hand, the manager does the same thing to accelerate management. This is the key personal difference between administration and management.
  6. Application: Administration is a service-oriented initiative. Whereas, management is a profit-oriented operation.
  7. Enactment: In administration, the owner tries to increase investment. On the other hand, payment is the only target for employees in management.

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This was our discussion on the difference between management and administration or  Administration vs Management. Both are distinctive terms. You would have noticed. A manager performs both functional activities and administrative. Although the managers are working on the top level and say to be the part of administration while the managers working on the lower or middle level signifies management. So, we can determine that the administration is above management.


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