Difference Between Private and Public Administration

The administration is the act of effective managing affairs of a business-related organization or state. It indicates the finest use of people, material and other properties of the organization, in the accomplishment of the final goal of the company. The administration can do either by private individuals or public officials. Public administration is a branch of social science which works with service oriented. In contrast, private administration works with business oriented. However, there are described the difference between private and public administration.

Difference Between Private and Public Administration:

The private administration differs from the public administration, in three important perspectives, as like

  • Political character
  • Accountability
  • Scope

Here an article describes to help you understand the denotation and differences between private and public administration.

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Definition of Private Administration:

Private Administration is the management and organization of private business enterprises. This is an administrative purpose carried out by the private individuals, a team or a group, to make a profit. It is a business activity which is non-political in a landscape. It includes a collection of doings like planning, organizing, coordinating, implementation and controlling of programs and policies, performed by the management of the organization.

It works for the economic benefit of the organization, enchanting into account the concentration of employees and clients or partners as well of the concerned organization.

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Definition of Public Administration:

Public Administration is the field of study that is concerned with the systematic application of public policies and programs formulated by the state. It relates to the administrative functions carried out by the government. It focuses on providing services to the general public, to ensure a good and safe life for people.

The public administration covers several principles. Their principles are: –

  • Budgeting
  • Organizing
  • Planning
  • Controlling
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Reporting etc.

In short, public administration is the non-political public bureaucracy which operates within a legal framework. It deals with the objectives of the government, the public interest, and laws. All the branches of the government, i.e. legislative, judicial and executive, as well as their relationship with each other,  coveres in the public administration. It works on the principles of external financial control, uniformity and service oriented.

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Difference Between Private and Public Administration Chart:

Comparisons Private Administration Public Administration
Meaning Management, organization and Operation of business enterprise. Managing the resources of govt. purpose achievement.
What is it? Business activity Political process
Approach Egalitarian Bureaucratic
Operation In non-govt. set up In govt. set up
Orientation Profit Welfare
Accountability To owners To citizens
Decision-Making Monopolistic Pluralistic
Revenue Profits Duties, taxes, fees etc.

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Key Difference Between Private and Public Administration:

There are included a key difference between private and public administration. Such as: –

  1. The well-planned and systematic management of the actions of the state to accomplish the purposes established by the government which is the Public Administration. The term private administration is the management, organization, and operation of the actions of the business enterprise.
  2. The private administration is a business activity. On the other hand, Public Administration is a political process.
  3. Private administration works in the structure other than the governmental setup, whereas Public administration works place in governmental setup.
  4. The private administration has an egalitarian approach. While Public administration follows a bureaucratic approach.
  5. private administration uses the monopolistic decision-making. but in public administration is pluralistic.
  6. The revenue is produced from penalties, fees, taxes, duties, and other dues which are paid by the peoples in public administration. As opposed to private administration, where profits from operating happenings are the main source of revenue.
  7. Public administration is welfare oriented; it works with service motive. Conversely, the private administration is profit oriented.
  8. When it comes to accountability, public officials are accountable to the general public. Unlike, private administration where the employees are accountable to the owners.

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After the discussion about the difference between private and public administration, that private administration is a business procedure, henceforward careful as business administration. On the contrary, public administration runs in a governmental setting, and that is why it also knows as government administration. Both of them play a crucial role in contributing to the development of society in different ways. Furthermore, the measurement of progress, results, and performance thereof can do using different procedures.


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