Scope of Public Administration (2 Greatest Scopes of PA)

It is impossible to explain the scope of public administration in a word. It enhances the diversified definitions of public administration. We face many questions to discuss the field of public administration. Here include some of those questions. Such as:-

  • Is it a separate branch of knowledge?
  • Are they the works of all branches and divisions of government?
  • Is it a work of governmental management?
  • Are the initiatives of the development of governmental procedures?
  • Is it a method of applied and implemented government policy?
  • Finally, are they the works of executive division?

Scope of Public Administration:

Besides these questions, we can raise more questions to determine the area of public administration. In the board sense, we can say that the field of public administration insists on all questions about the public administration. However, we discuss here two specific perspectives to take informal discussion. Such as:-

  1. Managerial or POSDCORB Perspective
  2. Consolidation or Content Perspective

Managerial or POSDCORB Perspective:

Several famous public administrators of the USA believe that public administration is related to the work of a managerial perspective. Henri Fayol, L. R. Weik, Mercy Mcqueen, Prof. Willoughby, Luther Gullick, etc. support the same opinion. Henri Fayol thinks that plan, organization, order, coordination, and control form the public administration, and these elements determine the scope of public administration. L. R. Weik supports this concept. Mercy Mcqueen defines the field of public administration easily. He says that public administration runs with man, material, and methods.

Prof. Willoughby explains the are of public administration based on the five policies. Such as- general administration, organization, personnel administration, material element & its supply and finance.

Luther Gulick explains the field of public administration in a new way that’s called POSDCORB. Letters of POSDCORB determine the managerial work of public administration. Read more to learn the POSDCORB.

Consolidation or Content Perspective:

Some authors don’t support the managerial or POSDCORB perspective as the scope of public administration. According to their option, a managerial perspective doesn’t mark the overall situation of public administration. Because this perspective doesn’t explain the ‘man’ or ‘human,’ this is the most essential element. Therefore, they say that the managerial aspect of public administration has not fully confirmed. Consolidation or content perspective administrators think that the purpose of public administration is human service. The government provides human service through different work, such as: – protecting law and order, strengthening the defense system, provision of social security, outflowing education, public health assurance, establishing justice, etc.

Besides this point, there is used the different or unique methods in public welfare. POSDCORB perspective is such vast and massive that its scope doesn’t fully absorb. For example, we can mention the police administration. In police administration, a criminal investigation, suppression, and control of crime, protection of law and order, etc. are essential to make expert police administration. Here, policymaking, budget determination, etc. say involved it’s true. Nevertheless, emergency and immediate solutions to the above things are needed to succeed in the police administration.

Therefore, public administration is a huge thing. In public administration, has included all things that the government does through human resources and material wealth staying in a state. Public administration walks on from central administration to field administration, from human birth to death, from the origin of creation to destruction, and everywhere. L. D. White, J. F. Pfiffiner, Woodrow Willson, Simon, etc. administrators support the consolidation or content perspective doctrine.

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Wide Range of Public Administration

Other of Scope of Public Administration:

Public administration discusses the different national and international organizations and also comparative administration without mentioning the above two perspectives. In comparative administration, managerial administration considers behalf of political management and ideology. Felix A. Nigro’s definition and area of public administration are exceptionally wearable. In his opinion, the following things spread the scope of public administration. Such as:-

  • Efforting, the cooperative group in government organizations.
  • Relation of three divisions of government, for example, executive, judicial and legislative divisions.
  • To determine the demography, public administration plays an important role.
  • The relevance of individual and semi-official institutions with the public interest.
  • Lastly, maybe the human element.

In modern administrative thought, Dimock and Dimock’s elements accepted as the main content. These are included, for example, organization, personnel management, instruments and supply, system and procedure, government finance, and administrative accountability. These points have established like public administration.

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