Difference Between Management and Administration

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In this article, will be discussed the difference between management and administration. First of all, the simply say that management is the skill of accomplishing the work done by others. It is not accurately same as administration, which is indicated by a process of successfully administering the whole organization. The most significant point that varies management from the administration is that the former is concerned with guiding or directing the operations of the organization, while the latter pressures on laying down the establishing and policies the purposes of the organization which is the main difference between management and administration.

Largely speaking, management takes into account the controlling and directing functions of the organization, while the administration is related to organizing and planning function. As passage of time, these two terms are carried distinction between them as like implementation, policy formulation, planning as well. However, there will be found all considerable difference between management and administration.

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Table of Difference Between Management and Administration:

Comparisons Administration Management
Meaning Administration is a process of administering an organization by a group of people. Management is a things of a business organization and organized way of managing people.
Authority Top level Lower and Middle level
Concerned with Policy Formulation Policy Implementation
Role Decisive Executive
Area of Operation Fully controled over the activities Worked under administration
Decides When is should be done? and What should be done? How will it be done? and Who will do the work?
Applicable to Government offices, business enterprises, military, religious, hospitals, clubs and educational organizations. Profit making organizations
Key Person Administrator Manager
Function Determinative and Legislative Governing and Executive
Focus on Making best possible allocation of limited resources. Managing work
Represents Owners, who get a return on the capital invested by them. Employees, who work for remuneration
Table: Difference Between Management and Administration


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Difference Between Management and Administration

Definition of Management:

Management is an act of managing people and their work to achieve a common goal by using the resources of the organization. It creates an environment under which the subordinates and his manager can work together for the accomplishment of group objective. It is a group of people who use their talent and skills in running the comprehensive system of the organization. It is a function, an activity, a discipline, a process and much more.

Organizing, planning, coordination, motivating, controlling, decision making and leading are the main happenings performed by the management. Management is brought together 5M’s of the organization as like Men, Machines, Material, Money, and Methods. It is a result-oriented action, which focuses on attaining the wanted output.

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Definition of Administration:

The administration is defined as a systematic process of administering the management of a business organization, an educational institution for examples school, college, university, government office or any non-profit making organization. The main function of administration is the formation of policies, plans, and procedures, setting up of objectives and goals, implementing rules and regulations, etc.

Within the management of the organization functions, administration lays down the fundamental framework of an organization.

Bureaucratic is an administration nature. It is a broader term as it involves planning, decision-making, organizing and forecasting functions at the highest level of the enterprise. The top layer of the management hierarchy of the organization is characterized by the administration. These top-level authorities are either business partners and owners who invest their capital in initial the business. They get their takings in the form of profits or as a dividend.

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Key Differences Between Management and Administration:

The major key differences between management and administration are given below:

  • Management is an action of business and functional level, whereas Administration is a high-level activity.
  • The administration is defined as an act of administering the whole organization by a group of people. Whereas management is a system of managing people and things within the organization.
  • Administration focuses on making the best possible utilization of the organization’s resources. On the other hand, Management focuses on managing people and their work.
  • While management focuses on policy implementation, policy formulation is performed by the administration.
  • The administrator is responsible for the administration of the organization whereas the manager looks after the management of the organization.
  • Administration, whose role is decisive in nature. Unlike, management plays an executive role in the organization.
  • Functions of management are executive and governing. Conversely, functions of administration include legislation and determination.
  • The administration is concerned with framing policies and setting objectives. But, management is all about plans and actions.
  • Management makes decisions under the boundaries set by the administration. While administration takes all the important decisions of the organization.
  • The Administration is found in government activities and hospitals, clubs, military offices, religious organizations and all the non-profit making enterprises. Conversely, the management can be seen in the profit-making organization like business enterprises.
  • Administration represents the owners of the organization. On the other hand, a group of persons, who are employees of the organization is collectively known as management.

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Finally, it can be said that management and administration both are distinctive terms. You would have noticed; a manager performs both functional activities and administrative. Although the managers are working on the top level and are said to be the part of administration while the managers working on the lower or middle level signifies management. So, we can determine that administration is above management.

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