What is Administration? Meaning, Definitions & Features

In administration-related studies, the administration is a common name. So, here will be discussed the meaning, definition, and features of administration.

Ancient World and Administration

The selection of the greatest hunters and fighters of nomadic tribes in the prehistoric age was considered an administrative act: the job was divided according to the capacity, sex, and age of the individuals.

The Sumerians, on the other hand, chronicled many of their activities, particularly their business transactions, on clay tablets. They also had a labor hierarchy, with master artisans, laborers, and apprentices.

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were in charge and wanted to construct massive structures, therefore they had to delegate personnel management chores to others; in this way, a few people were in charge of big groups of people. A similar scenario happened when it came to tax collection.

In fact, ancient civilizations’ political systems based their power on administrative ideas.

These concepts had to be applied in ancient China as well. Around 1100 A.D., Chow’s Constitution was created, which served as a guide to the servants’ responsibilities. This can be thought of as a prerequisite for the definition of functions.

The great Greek philosophers also left a written record of their endeavors to enhance various aspects of human life. They found that if protocols were followed and deadlines were fulfilled, food output improved.

Among the thinkers about whom they wrote something were the following:

  • Socrates distinguished between technical knowledge and experience.
  • Plato mentioned task specialization, but not by that word.
  • Aristotle philosophized on the ideal state of affairs.
  • Pericles outlined a number of important administrative and recruitment ideas.

Ancient Rome should be recognized for its contributions to this subject, such as the classification of businesses as public, semi-public, or private. The Catholic Church formed a hierarchical organization with purposes and theology in the second century AD.

Between the fifth and fifteenth centuries, the adoption of Arabic numbers helped to improve commercial operations and the birth of professions such as accounting.

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What is Administration?

Meaning of Administration

Administration or Administer is an English word that is derived from the two Latin words. One Ad and another Ministiare. Ad means ‘to service’ and Ministiare means ‘to manage’. So, the lexicographical meaning of Administration is ‘management of work’. A kind of management, leadership, and service to accomplish; are included in it.

Definitions of Administration

There are described the definitions in different sectors, divisions, branches, positions, situations, etc for completed understanding. Such as:-

Easy Definitions of Administration

  • It is one kind of activity which is belonged to walking on a school, college, university, company or other organization.
  • It is a group of people who have managed the manner of a school, institution, company, or other functions of the organization.
  • It means a part of a government or fully government that is recognized as its chief executive or leader. For example: – British Prime Minister or President of USA.

Complete Definitions of Administration

  • It is a performance or task presentation of executive duties.
  • It is the process, practice, or act of administering.
  • It is an effect of public activities as notable from policy formulation.
  • It is a body of individuals who manage, control, exploit, take decisions,s and furthermore.
  • It is a management of task accomplishment.
  • It is an organizational behavior form.
  • It is the art of getting things done through controlling, coordinating, and organizing.
  • It is a task appearance and working flow of staff performance.
  • It is a part of government that is accepted by administrators.
  • It is controlled and directed the more than one person for accomplishing the goal and objective as well as coordinated in their work.
  • Well-articulated management as a group to achieve a specific goal, is.
  • It is a coordination of management by human beings. As most human activities are done as a group, all (small or large a group) management is included in it which is also called the art of administration.

Additional Definitions of Administration

  • British football administration is reorganizing a BFC’s economic dealings which happens when the club cannot recompense its debts.
  • Central administration is the premier administrative unit of a union.
  • Drug administration is the injection of a drug into the human body.
  • Law administration is an administrative body by which a bankrupt corporation can stay trading under regulation.
  • Validation law administration is an administrative flow of parkland on expiry.
  • Military administration is the systems and techniques which are used by services of the military elaborated in the managing of the armed forces field.
  • Academic administration in the educational section of an academic foundation is accountable for the supervision and maintenance of the institution.
  • Public administration is the implementation and advancement of governmental policy and strategy or the managing and controlling of public plans. It has some paradigms for developing the international students as careers.
  • Government administration is the supervision of governmental roles.
  • Business administration is the working performance, measure, or management of commercial maneuvers.
  • System administration is the configuration, reliability, and upkeep of computer arrangements.
  • Network administration is the configuration and maintenance of a computer web.
  • Business Administration is a process that incorporates the many positions of management.

So, as practical work management, it is a necessary function for getting the expected goal. If it is considered a capacity or art, it has belonged to the integration efforts.

Key Features of Administration

  • It provides a short-term setup from creditor burden, purchasing spell for the administrator to do his effort.
  • The Administrator initiates ample mechanism of the firm, its commercial and possessions.
  • These are the prime duties of the administrator.
  • It is more luxurious than other official liquidation events.
  • The characteristic result is a rummage sale of the feasible parts of the commercial and the insolvency of the break.
  • There are defenses where there is a prepackaged sale to guarantee that.


These are its meaning, definitions, and features of it. From this discussion, we can get a basic idea of it. Here basically are discussed only the core meaning, definition, and features shortly. For getting more information about this, please follow the related articles or embalmed links where is carried the full description to learn you. Next, we’ll back with more things like Strategic Management, Communication, etc.

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